Tuesday, December 11, 2007

My First CBBQA Event

I'm a new member to the California BBQ Association. Been watching the member forums trying to pick up a tip here and there and learn a few things.

They have these Backyard BBQ events. Similar to what our dog obedience club does called a Show & Go (the idea being that you bring your dog to this "dog show" where there are stewards and judges and everything like a real show - but it isn't. This gives you a good test of where your dog really stands.

Same idea with a Backyard BBQ event. They have a full set of Judges, Table Captains and a set number of teams. They have agreed ahead of time what the meats will be and publish the turn-in times. The Judges judge, and the winners win. Just like a real competition - but it isn't. So less stress, more fun, and a great chance to test your stuff and see how it stands up against other teams.

This event at the end of January will have 14 teams competing, 12 Judges, 2 Table Captains and a lot of meat, smoke and fun.

This will be my first CBBQA event, and I am signed up to be a Table Capitan, even though they are normally certified judges. Since this isn't a real event, rules can be bent. It should give me a good flavor of how these competition BBQ's go, and how the judging works. Should get some good foodand meet some nice people too. =)

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