Sunday, December 2, 2007


I'm itching to smoke or grill something. Anything!

This is San Diego County right? It never rains. It's never cold. Well, OK, so that's actually not too far from the truth. Did have a big day of rain Saturday - 1.75 inches in one day. Washed out the road again - nothing like being stranded.

But that's not what is keeping me from the coals and smoke wood. It has been a combination of things actually. Life has just been too crazy lately, and Jen has been doing more cooking (which is a good thing!). Therefore, less need for me to do it - and I like to grill when I'm doing the food -- with some smoking added in here and there. Work has been busy too. But things should slow down starting this week, as they always do in the holiday season.

I've got a 12 pound turkey in the freezer that I need to pick a day for. This will be my first time smoking a turkey - and my first time smoking in the new smoker most likely. Should be interesting!

So if anyone out there reading this has any tips for smoking a turkey, or a favorite rub, or... please drop me a note and let me know about it! I have been debating a brine - but I've never done that either! So I think I'll wait on the brine for another day.

Here is the What's Cooking America plan. What Smoking has to say. And here are BBQ by Dan's ideas. I'm looking for other ideas, tips, etc.

Till next time...happy smoking!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Tim, why not cut the bird in half - and brine one half and leave the other alone per your usual. When I smoke larger birds I think they do better when I cut them in half - seems the smoke gets into the meat better. I generally leave them bone side down. Just a thought.

When smoking I've stayed away from the commercial briquettes - something about the flavor that I don't like. I use bagged hard wood charcoal that I can buy at Trader Joe's - as I'm guessing you can as well. Also, the smoke I really enjoy on poultry is a mixture of apple, alder, cherry and hickory - lighter on the hickory. And I never bother to soak the chips - waste of time...I just toss a handful on the sides of the low fire in the side chamber and it does just fine. I read a survey on a blog this past week (was it that said most folks don't bother to soak chips.

A good rub to try, believe it or not, a jar of commercially prepared spice found at any grocer store - CURRY. Take a look at the label and just about anything you might put in a rub is there. Not to say your own rub recipes aren't good to have...just kinda fun to try something like this. Happy Grilling. - CB

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