Friday, February 29, 2008

Get Your Grill On - » Product Review: J&D’s Bacon Salt

Thought you might like this review by Chuck Marting on his "Get Your Grill On" site. It is a through review, even with photos.

Bacon is one of my favorite foods, in my home my kids have grown up thinking its one of the basic food groups! In fact one of there all time favorite meals for dinner is an all American BLT! Bacon in our home is a food group all by itself!

So it was no big surprise that I would have to try a seasoning whose motto is “Everything Should Taste like Bacon!” Of course I’m talking about a seasoning known as “Bacon Salt”.
Bacon Salt is the brain child of Justin and Dave who love grilling, hanging out with family and friends and of course eating there favorite food bacon! (my kind of people!)

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What a Day

The Backyard event was canceled. Then it was rescheduled for a new location, same day - all within about 1 hour!

Whooo Hoooo!

What a group - pulling out all the stops to make this happen. That's great!

March Meat Madness is Upon Us!

This Saturday is the first California BBQ Association event that I will be going to - it is called a Backyard Competition. It is a mock competition for teams to get in some realistic practice with judging and everything - but with a bit less pressure. A great place to try out a new rub or smoking technique.

I have signed up to be a judge. Since it isn't a real competition I can also spend time hanging out with the teams and trying to pick up some BBQ tips. This will be great - I can hang out at the pits, and then also learn some things about judging!

I am hoping to get to a Certified BBQ Judge class this year. Then I can get my CBJ title and go to other real events as a judge. There is class in Nevada in May. Jen will be taking the class as well.

This will be a long day, but one that will be a lot of fun and I hope one that will also help my smoking efforts.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

What the fark?

I'm not quite sure what to make of this. My brother sent me a link to this......thing today since he knows I like to BBQ.

They call it the SteakHouse Grill.
I'm not sure what to call it! =)

Care to learn more? Follow the link below...

Monday, February 18, 2008

Fire it up with Sea Salt

Just saw this post on the BBQ Brethren forums. I've never tried this, but it sounds interesting.

"grillfella" out of LA posts that tossing some sea salt on your fire if it is dying out will spark it back to life.

Here's the post:
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