Sunday, July 29, 2007

3-way Salmon (mobile post)

BBQ'd Salmon last night - had some Sockeye which I was surprised Jen bought. It's too strong and she didn't like it last time. So I cooked up half with the Kirkland seafood rub we love on it. Tried adding some wood chips too, but had the heat too low to get it hot enough to smoke. The other half of the sockeye and the "regular" salmon we did our normal way - wrapped in foil with lemon and butter - always good!.

But did leave it too long near the end and the juices got loose and flamed up - burned a little of the fish. But still it turned out darn nice. The sockeye with the run was OK. It took off the bite, but I just don't like that fish. Didn't try the sockeye in the lemon & butter though - so will have to reserve judgment on that one for now.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

This man knows how to BBQ!!!

If you are ever in San Diego, and you are hungry - Phil's BBQ is the place to go. He has recently opened a new, much larger, operation in the Sports Arena area -- and the food, well, it is very, very (very) good. You best be hungry.

I'm not really an onion ring guy - but Phil's are great.

Ready to eat - get the pulled pork sandwich. But be ready to eat a LOT.

Here's an article about Phil and how he got started.

Now go enjoy some BBQ!

Friday, July 6, 2007

OK - so this isn't so fancy...

These don't look like much - but man, are they good!

Here they are before hitting the grill.

What's the secret? Dare I tell?

OK, so what I do is start with organic hamburger from Costco - yes, Costco. Then I add the secret ingredient (again, from Costco) - Kirkland Herbed Seafood Rub. Yeah - I know hamburger isn't seafood! But believe me - it is the best. How much do I add? A lot, more that I would normally add, then some more. It is always very, very good.

I let it sit in the refrigerator for 30-60 minutes before tossing on the hot BBQ, and then eat hot off the grill.

These are larger than your average burger. We stopped eating them on a bun after the first time - they are too big. We like our meat cooked pretty well, and I like to slow cook. These bad-boys sat on the heat for about 25 minutes. And yes - they were as good as always.

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