Friday, December 28, 2012

What a Lovely Trip to Costco

Post Christmas trip to Costco to ready for our annual New Years Day open house was a boon for my scotch collection. We had a little left over gift money and Jen wanted to be sure I got a few of the bottles that they aren't going to restock.

The Blue Label - yeah, that was on sale so it came home too!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Current Scotch Selection

Just in case you might be wondering... here is the current scotch selection at my place.

Tonight I am drinking some Dalmore (love the bottle).

My favorite here? I'd say the Dalwhinnie. Tasty, easy to drink, with a slight sweetness.

Down below are also a bottle of JW Black and Dewar's white label.

And hiding in my office is a big bottle of JW Blue that has yet to be opened. Waiting for a special occasion for that one.

The three Dewar's on the right are from Christmas 2012 - Costco package. After the holidays the price kept going down and down on the 3-pack. By the end I had the one Jen bought me for X-Mas, and then three more after the price dropped! So they are all hiding in a closet and as a bottle is finished it magically gets replaced with a full version (gotta love that)!

Oh ya, and had a lovely grilled ribeye for dinner (this is a BBQ blog after all).
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