Thursday, June 28, 2007

May 27, 2007 (date of the smoking)--

So my wife Jen keeps telling her folks how good my smoked ribs are. So one day they decided to come up and find out for themselves. Now the pressure was on!

So why not try something totally new just to raise the possibility of totally screwing it all up!
We pulled a full chicken from the freezer that had been in there way too long, and added that to the list. Plus the ole standby pork ribs, and fresh salmon. Decided to do the salmon on the BBQ since the little smoker didn't have enough room for all this meat. No vegetarians here!

First step, prep the meat. So I pulled out the ribs and cleaned them up.

Not as many as I often do. This package was from a different store, but that proved to be OK because I didn't have much extra room!

Next comes the rub...I often use too much, so tried to use a light hand here. Used some untraditional stuff for pork. Santa Maria tri-tip spices, and a new rub from Costco - yup, the Seafood Rub. (as a side note - this seasoning is fantastic in hamburger - we get organic hamburger, put a ton of this seafood seasoning in it and BBQ patties - man, it is great. Better than homemade meatloaf and a lot easier!)

Used some standard chicken seasoning inside and out on the bird.

Next it's time to fire up the coals (wood chips already soaking - I always forget that step!)

Lay on the meat and sit back with a beer and wait.......

Here's the chicken. Man, this was yummy.

The pork ribs - just can't seem to go wrong here.
Meat just falling off the bone, great taste. My father-in-law actually gave me a fantastic restaurant style review the next day. And restaurant would have been proud with his review!

Add the salmon which came off the BBQ hot, moist and cooked just right.
We ended up skipping all the sides we had planned. After some chips and guacamole, then seeing all this fine looking meat, everyone wanted to save room for the real reason we all got together!

So I still feel like I'm not really sure what I am doing with this whole smoking gig (this is about my third or forth go at it) - but I seem to be doing OK for a guy that feels like he is blowing it!

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