Monday, November 17, 2014

Wildside BBQ & Grille - Orlando, FL

Wildside BBQ & Grille feels more like a sports bar than a BBQ joint inside with TVs everywhere you look. But the BBQ I had was pretty tasty, so don't judge a book by its cover. Although anyone looking for good Q knows better than that.

I broke with first-time visit tradition and did not get a pulled pork sandwich. I went with the brisket plate instead.

I got BBQ beans and mac-n-cheese for my two sides. Don't usually do mac, but did tonight. Must be the humidity getting to me already (just flew in tonight).

I am sorry to say the meat was barely warm on my plate. I kept the sides (which were hot) and once I was able to find someone that would look up so I could catch their eye, I sent it back.

I am glad I did. Very tender and very tasty. I was disappointed when I added sauce - to me this meat is best as it comes (assuming it is hot...), don't kill the taste with extra sauce.

For my taste the beans were too sweet. Some had a bit too much tooth to them and could use a longer soak.

Not generally a big mac-n-cheese fan (other than my wife's of course!!), but I enjoyed this dish quite a bit.

We visited on a Monday evening - rainy too. Not that busy. If you visit on such a night sit front and center so you can get service if/when you want it.

I would come back here.
Lots of options on the menu too.

Wildside BBQ & Grille
700 E. Washington St, Orlando, FL 32801

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